Gibbons Short Service Venite

On Sunday morning we were singing the Venite from the Orlando Gibbons Short Service, and the CPDL edition we sang from had some rather interesting word underlays.

Page 3

Here on page 3, the tenor and basses sing “and hi-i-i-i-i-i-i-is” for some reason – whereas I rather suspect we should have had the same words as the altos.

Then later on page 5, there’s another strange section where the tenors and basses again are missing a word. We sing “with this generation and…” (with no “said”).

Page 5

I realise that these CPDL editions are inscribed by people for free – and I am grateful for the hours they dedicate to make this music available to the general public. So I’m not being critical of the person that created this score. I only point it out because I find these little mistakes amusing to sing.

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