Dodder Greenway works on Dodder View Road

Some building works started on Dodder View Road in Rathfarnham last week, and I was curious to know why they were happening. Dodder View Road doesn’t appear on Google Maps for some reason, but it’s a section of the R112 road that runs alongside the River Dodder from the Rathfarnham Shopping Centre / Springfield Avenue … Read more

Closure of Dodder View Road

I’ve been thinking lately that it would be great if Dodder View Road would be permanently closed to traffic. The route – shown as R112 on most maps – runs alongside the River Dodder between Terenure and Rathfarnham. Along it’s 1.2km length, between the Rathfarnham Shopping Centre at Fairways and Rathfarnham Road, there are no … Read more

Dodder stepping stones passable indicator

I often pass over the stepping stones on the River Dodder to access Bushy Park in Terenure. On days like today, when there’s been a lot of rain recently, I can pretty much predict that the river level will be high, and make the stepping stones flooded and unusable. But other days it’s harder to … Read more