MasterChef music chops

Watched the series final of MasterChef UK this evening, and one of my favourite things of the series returned to tonight’s episode. It’s probably something that a lot of people don’t even notice as they watch, but the background music was timed and punctuated by the clinks of utensils and the chops of vegetables. I […]


Car shows and comedy panel games… quite possibly the best combination for a night’s TV viewing pleasure. And I don’t even need to switch around the channels – I just need to tune into Dave, and am presented with a whole stream of quality televisual entertainment. Tonight’s prime time line up has been: Top Gear, […]

Licence renewal

I got my renewal notice for my TV Licence yesterday, and reluctantly paid it. It’s not that I disagree with the concept of a TV Licence at all. In the UK, the licence fee is a small price to pay for the quality TV and radio programmes broadcast on the BBC. But here in Ireland, […]