Moving story

We moved house last night! We only started house hunting just two weeks ago, but the rental market in Dublin seems to move incredibly fast! And so it took us just 14 days to view a few place, find somewhere we love, process an application and get references, pay a deposit, pack up all our […]

Longer Commute

In just over a week’s time, I’m moving home! Up until now I’ve always lived pretty near to the city centre where work and choir are based. And as such, I’ve enjoyed the luxury of being about to choose to walk or cycle to work on a morning.  The walk takes a maximum of 20 […]

Lower Estimations

We don’t often get anyone knocking on the door. We’re in what I like to call a “gated community” – in that an electronic fob is required to get through the gate into the grounds of the apartments, and again to get into the lift/stairs – and so visitors have to call on the intercom […]


The fire alarm went off at about 11.30pm, and within a few moments people were coming out of their apartments to see what was happening. Some were fully clothed, but others were already dressed for bed, and all were somewhat disturbed at the prospect of a fire in the apartment block. I joined the small […]