Working from home

Following yesterday’s announcements from the Irish government about a phased reopening of society and business, it re-enforced the reality that I’m going to continue working from home for at least another three months! I really didn’t like the prospect of working from the kitchen table for that amount of time, so I decided it was […]

Will workers ever return to a five-day week in the office?

Estimates are that around a third of the Irish workforce are currently working remotely from home during the COVID-19 pandemic. The widespread use of laptops, together with corporate VPN connections and video-conference tools, has enabled entire companies to close their doors during the lockdown and have pretty-much their entire workforce continue working remotely. The technology […]

Flexible working

Flexible working seems to be a hot topic at the moment, whether it’s to juggle work with other commitments, or to achieve a better work/life balance. People have moved beyond the days of being a wage-slave, and have realised that free time is often more valuable to them than a high salary. Some employers do […]

Removing Meetings

On a busy project it’s common to have a full calendar of meeting; so much so, that it’s often hard to find time to get actual work done! When something new crops up, people are quick to add another meeting to the calendar, but how often do people go out of their way to remove […]