iPhone 3.0.1 Jailbreak

I decided to spend a bit of time last night jailbreaking my iPhone, using this tutorial on the Gizmodo website – and it all worked perfectly (although one bit missing in the instrucutions is that when the phone says it is “waiting for restart”, you may need to unplug and replug the cable to prompt […]

Black Friday

For one day only, Apple are having a sale in their Irish online store, with various offers, including €100 off a MacBook, and €11 off an iPod Nano. If you were planning to buy any Apple kit, then today might be a good day to do it, as it’s not common to find discounted Apple […]

International Access

Did I mention I got an iPhone last week? Well, generally, I’m delighted with it. Not only is it a thing of beauty, but it has a well-crafted intuitive interface that just ‘works’, straight out of the box. However, every silver lining has it’s cloud, and in Ireland it’s the partnered network of O2. I’ve […]

Techno Lust

I’m suffering from a bout of techno-lust at the moment — the uncontrollable need to go out and spend huge amounts of cash on amazing bits of technology. It was sparked off by a friend of mine who recently returned from the US with a sub-notebook sized Sony Vaio laptop. It’s a real thing of […]