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cathedral_purpleIt was back in 1998 that I set up and launched the Anglican Church Music web site, as a place to record all the website links to cathedral and church choirs that I had amassed.

Today, some 15 years later, the site is still active, but under the control of John Watkins.  He very graciously agreed to take over the maintenance and development on the site, as at the time I was too busy to do it justice.

It’s been a long time since I’ve been involved in the site. I was only involved in the first couple of years, and so I had all but forgotten about its existence – until I happened upon it again quite recently.

The current design isn’t that much different from the original site, which was hand-coded with my clunky self-taught HTML. And when I look through the site I can’t help but feel nostalgic to those early days of the web. Because back in 1998, there were only just over 100,000 .uk web sites in existence – whereas today there are over 10 million uk domains registered.

Also to put that in context, during the same period Google went from being a Stanford University research project (accessible through the domain to one of the biggest brands in the world turning over $38 billion!


This afternoon at Christ Church, we celebrated the ordination of 3 deacons within the diocese. This is the first of two ordination services taking place in the cathedral; the second of which being the ordination of priests next Sunday.

Both the services are quite special in their own way. However, for me the ordination of deacons seems like the more significant occurrence for those involved, as it’s the culmination of years of study and preparation, and it’s also the process that marks the final transformation of ordinary people to members of the clergy.

And as such, it was great today to have so many people in the congregation; there to support these people as they made this big step. We also had a lots from clergy from all over the diocese and beyond (including the Bishop of Cork) attending the service in support of their new colleagues.
The music for today’s service was:

  • Processional Hymn: At the name of Jesus (Evelyns)
  • Gradual Hymn: I, the Lord of sea and sky (Here I am, Lord)
  • Gospel Fanfare: Tu es Petrus – Duruflé
  • Litany Ending: Agnus Dei – Peter Hurford
  • Hymn: Come, Holy Ghost, our souls inspire (Veni Creator)
  • Offertory Hymn: O Jesus, I have promised (Wolvercote)
  • Mass Setting: Missa Brevis – Lennox Berkeley
  • Communion Instrumental Piece: Ruach – Anne-Marie O’Farrell ‡
  • Communion Motet: Tu es Petrus – Robert Pearsall
  • Communion Motet: Holy is the True Light – Harris
  • Post-Communion Hymn: Pour out thy Spirit from on high (Warrington)
  • Voluntary: Toccata from Vième Symphonie – Widor

‡ piece for three wind instruments, written specially for today’s service by one of the ordinands.

Funeral service

The funeral service of the Very Reverend Desmond Harman took place at 11.00am today in Christ Church Cathedral Dublin.

At the request of his family the service was a Eucharist of Thanksgiving and Celebration, and it was celebrated by the Most Reverend Dr. John Neill, Archbishop of Dublin.

The sermon was given by the Venerable Edgar Swann, Archdeacon of Glendalough and the late Dean’s brother-in-law (sermon text).

The following music was performed:

  • Organ music before the service: Pièce d’orgue (BWV572) – J.S.Bach, Carol – Gerald Finzi, Fugue in E flat major (BWV552ii) – J.S.Bach
  • The Funeral Sentences – William Croft
  • Requiem – Maurice Duruflé
  • Psalm 122
  • Hymn: Now thank we all ord God (Nun danket)
  • Bring us, O Lord God – William Harris
  • Hymn: Praise, my soul, the King of heaven (Praise, My Soul)
  • The Spirit of the Lord – Edward Elgar
  • Set me as a seal – William Walton
  • Sussex Mummers’ Christmas Carol – Percy Grainger
  • Hymn: Christ triumphant, ever reigning (Guiting Power)
  • Expectans Expectavi – Charles Wood
  • Organ Voluntary: Praeludium et Fuga in G (BWV541) – J.S.Bach

Much of the music for today’s service was chosen by Dean Harman for his installation service on 26th April 2004. That service ended the same was as today’s service, with the motet ‘Expectans Expectavi’ by Charles Wood.
The interment took place privately.

Baroque and roll

Ended evensong in a very good mood today, principally because we had just sung a load of Purcell music. I don’t know about you, but I can’t get enough of the stuff.

My current director of music seems to be a fan of early music and modern 20th/21st century music, and very little in-between. As such, it’s a rare treat to get a whole day of early baroque. The renaissance music we do is also very cool, but I’ve certain felt a bit deprived of baroque and classical music during this term.

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