Half Term

There’s nothing happening on the musical front this week, as the cathedral choir are on a half-term break. We get a week’s holiday in the middle of every term, which is a welcome rest – especially this term, after a very busy Trinity Sunday (our patronal festival) weekend.

Last Friday we performed our annual summer concert called Let All The World In Every Corner Sing to a modest but appreciative audience. And then at evensong on Sunday we sang the world premier of Laus Trinitati, a piece specially commissioned from the famous organist and composer David Briggs.

A fair number of the music department seem to have taken this opportunity to get away for a few days, but I’ve still got my day job to go to, so I’m still in Dublin. However, I do have an excess of free time available on evenings and at the weekend, which is a novelty.

Folding Chairs

I have a growing dislike of folding chairs. Not only are they really uncomfortable to sit on, and feel like they’re about to collapse at any moment. But they’re also really noisy.

I was at a classical music concert on Saturday night, where the venue had hired in some extra seating. The existing chairs had been supplemented with cheap folding chairs, a bit like the one in the photo, made from a combination of plastic and metal.

And right from the start of the performance these chairs were making a racket. Every time someone fidgeted or shifted their weight on one of these seats, it creaked, loudly. And the cumulative effect of lots of creaking chairs was really distracting. In fact, during some quiet bits, I couldn’t even hear the music.

In fact I was so annoyed by it that, for a good 20 minutes during the concert, I was mentally composing a strongly-worded letter of complaint to the venue manager. Of course, I never quite got around to writing the actual letter, but in a way I wish I had. It was a false economy to hire such cheap and nasty seating, and really spoiled the enjoyment of one of my favourite works.

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