Gazelle HeavyDutyNL C7 HMB

A week ago I took delivery of my new Gazelle HeavyDutyNL e-bike from the Dutch Bike Shop, and I absolutely love it! It’s the first electric bike that I’ve owned, and it’s a revelation to me how lovely it is to ride. The upright Dutch style is very comfortable, and the electrical assist helps me glide up hills […]

Flood Cycles

Have you noticed, with all the coverage on TV and online about the flooding in the UK and Ireland, that there’s loads of pictures of people out on bicycles? It’s almost as if the media considers them the best form of transport for when a flood strikes…

First ride of 2012

This morning I had my first cycle ride of the new year, and I feel fantastic. I had forgotten how invigorating it is to ride to work, and how much more alert and energetic I feel afterwards. I live so near to work now that I’ve slipped into the habit of leaving the bike at […]