Facebook Rant

There are two things that really annoy me about Facebook.

The first thing being all the random applications that I keep getting invited to join. I’m not against the applications as such – indeed I probably spend far too much of my time playing Scrabulous – but I have no real desire to be a pirate, nor a zombie. I don’t need more than one wall, and I don’t want to compare my intelligence or good looks against my friends. And so, each time that I get an invite to one of these applications, I am now blocking it, so that it can never bother me again.

The second thing being the random facebook groups created by people who lose their mobile phone. Oh. My. God! Can they think of no better way of collecting numbers from their friends? What about an email, or a private message? Why does it have to be a public group, where people are invited to share their number with the world?


I’m presently taking a break between work contracts, which fits in nicely with the busy run up to Christmas. It’s good that, when I’m so busy on the evenings and weekends, that I can chill out a bit on week days. However, my new-found gentleman of leisure status does afford me the opportunity to indulge in some idle pastimes.

The latest one is playing Scrabulous – an online scrabble game on Facebook – against one of my friends. They’re certainly not the fastest games on the planet – mostly taking about 3 hours to complete – but it’s a nice distraction that fits around doing chores at home.

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