Symbolic “Die-In” as part of Stop Killing Cyclists protest

A protest by people who ride bicycles took place outside the Oireachtas, Leinster House, last night (21st November 2017) in response to the 14th person so far this year who has died while cycling.

The death of 14 cyclists is a disturbingly high number, and a tragedy for their family and friends. The gathering – which was jointly organised by Dublin Cycling Campaign,, IBIKEDUBStayin Alive at 1.5, and Cycling Without Age – was a vigil to remember those who had died, and also a protest to demand action and funding for proper cycling infrastructure from the government.

A symbolic "die-in" formed part of the protest, with bicycle users lying on the road.


Photo credit: @nickkeeganirl

Protecting the cycle lanes

There has been some coverage in the media over the last couple of week about a group of cyclists in Dublin taking it upon themselves to protect cycle lanes from illegally parked vehicles.

Fed up of cars and vans illegally blocking cycle lane, and often forcing cyclists into dangerous positions on the road, these people have decided to take direct action. At coordinated times of the day they are forming a physical barrier between the bike lane and the road, and politely encouraging motorists not to park illegally.

The focus of their attention has been on St Andrew's Street where the cycle lane is a contraflow. When people park illegally here it forces cyclist into oncoming traffic!

And with all the news coverage and a growing following on Twitter (mostly by IBIKEDUBLIN) they have expanded their activism to include other streets in the city such as Ranalagh Road and Westland Row.

So far the Garda Síochána and Dublin City Council have done very little to address the problem of illegal parking. There is very little enforcement of the rules concerning parking and driving in cycle lanes. Hence why some cyclists are taking direct action themselves.

(Photo from Cyclistie twitter account)

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