NTL DVR Gripes

I’ve been using the NTL/UPC DVR (Digital Video Recorder) for a few weeks now, and although it seems to do the job of recording programmes quite well, I must say that the software implementation is quite poor. There seems to have been very little thought put into the user interface – which is shocking when […]

More problems

The farce continues with the NTL DVR installation. Following two failed installs on Monday and Tuesday this week, I was assured on Tuesday afternoon that a DVR would definitely be installed “first thing tomorrow morning” (Wednesday). Well it’s now Wednesday afternoon, and guess what? Yup, you got it. Nobody came, and the number of failed […]

Catalogue of errors

You wouldn’t believe the amount of grief I’ve been experiencing from NTL (also known as UPC) over the last week or so. I called them a couple of weeks ago, to get my digital TV subscription moved from to my new address. And as part of the deal, I wanted to also order Broadband internet […]