UPC Horizon Wi-Free

Over the last few weeks UPC has rolled out a service in Ireland called Horizon Wi-Free. The service allows UPC broadband customers who are visiting the homes of other UPC customers with a Horizon box to get free WiFi. You don’t need to ask your friends and family to share their WiFi password with you, […]

Broadband unavailable

Seems that NTL (or rather UPC) are having a bit of trouble with servicing my area at the moment. On Friday evening the whole network went down for about two hours, cutting off both my TV and broadband signal. And then this evening the broadband internet disappeared for another couple of hours. I used to […]

UPC Problems

More fun and games with the UPC so-called customer care department this weekend. After inspecting my cable TV bill a bit more carefully than usual, I noticed that UPC were charging me for the use of two digiboxes. Now back when I lived at my old house last year, that was accurate, but since I […]