Dublin Weather

The weather’s very definitely on the turn.  After enjoying unbroken sunshine for the last 2 or 3 weeks, it looks like we’re returning to normal Dublin summer weather.

Today is quite cloudy, albeit still reasonably mild (about 20 celsius), and I could have sworn I felt a couple of drops of rain this morning during my commute. I don’t mind the rain coming. I’ve brought along my waterproof this morning, so I’m prepared for whatever may happen.

I’m just hoping that the change in weather brings cooler night-time temperatures.  I’ve been having terrible trouble sleeping in this heat. I’ve lost count of the number of disturbed nights I’ve had of late.

On Sunday night I only got about 3-4 hours sleep, because I woke at 3.00am and couldn’t get back off.  Needless to say, I was a bit of a mess at work on the Monday, and it felt like I was talking gibberish to my colleagues.

Long Range Weather Forecast

With the wedding just 18 days off, I’m starting to grow a bit obsessive about checking the long range weather forecast.


I know that forecasts more than a couple of days out aren’t really that reliable, but it doesn’t stop me checking.

What we don’t want, for the big day, is for the weather to be too hot, or we’ll be sweating away – and conversely we don’t want it to be cold and wet either, for obvious reasons.

Instead of obsessing about something entirely out of my control, maybe I should instead focus my energies on the numerous bits of wedmin that need addressing.

Flood Cycles

Have you noticed, with all the coverage on TV and online about the flooding in the UK and Ireland, that there’s loads of pictures of people out on bicycles? It’s almost as if the media considers them the best form of transport for when a flood strikes…

Floods in UK: Travel disrupted as storms head north

Floods in UK: Travel disrupted as storms head north

Houses are 'expected to flood'

Houses are ‘expected to flood’

UK flooding - in pictures

UK flooding – in pictures

Localised Flooding

It’s been raining pretty hard over Ireland for the last 24 hours, and all of the news reports this morning were about localised flooding. What I didn’t expect, however, was that the flooding would extend to inside my office.

I arrived at my desk this morning, which is on the 5th floor of the building, to find the entire open-plan area where I sit cordoned off. Water was pouring from the light fittings in the ceiling onto the floor and over people’s desks. Thank goodness that we have a clean-desk policy at work, which has no doubt helped save IT equipment and documents from being lost and damaged.

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