Five stone target

I don’t really talk about my size/weight all that much, as I try not to think that it defines me as a person. However, euphemistically speaking, you would call me a ‘larger’ gentleman. I’ve been overweight all my adult life, and obese for most of it. I’m not brave enough to publish online what I […]

Lent Begins

On this day – Ash Wednesday – every year I make some kind of public proclamation about what I’m planning to give up (or take up) for Lent. Last year it was booze and caffeine – and I managed to avoid both for the full six and a half weeks. The year before I gave […]

Give it up for Lent

With Ash Wednesday fast approaching next week, I’m trying to decide on what to give up for Lent. In recent years I’ve given up alcohol and caffeine – both of which have been quite hard to do, particularly the caffeine one. And a few years back I took up something for Lent: being completely honest […]